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Restore Troubled Teens - Sad adolescent struggling with drug addiction at therapeutic facilityRestore Troubled Teens is a top consultation and advocacy organization helping parents from Louisiana with placing their troubled teen in the best Group Home for their particular needs. From substance abuse and addiction to teens struggling with rebellion, aggression, sexual promiscuity, depression, anxiety, and more, Restore has helped numerous teens get the treatment they need to start the recovery process.

Although the most suitable Group Home may be located outside of Louisiana, these Group Homes accept teens from all over the country. Many troubled teens benefit from being placed in a facility away from their current negative influences. These teens are more likely to have long-lasting success than those who enter a treatment facility near their current home.

Restore Troubled Teens only represents the top programs in the country designed specifically for troubled teens. We look for programs that provide ample structure, utilize proven therapeutic interventions, and place an emphasis on emotional and academic development, as well as personal/ spiritual growth. We represent a unique network of Group Homes, residential treatment facilities, therapeutic boarding schools, and wilderness therapy camps that have supportive professional environments, and are staffed with caring trained professionals dedicated to helping struggling teens change their harmful behaviors.

At Restore, we only recommend programs that offer stellar therapeutic services in a safe and secure environment. Therefore, we only recommend the highest quality service providers that can be trusted to help troubled teens begin a journey of self-discovery.

The professional consultants at Restore Troubled Teens are always available to assist and offer guidance to the parents of struggling teens from Louisiana. Call (866) 452-6321 today!

Boys Group Home for Kids

For troubled teen boys struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety, poor academic performance, sexual promiscuity, and more, Group Homes often provide the setting and structure they desperately need to start the recovery process. Restore Troubled Teens - Teens experiencing restoration at recovery therapeutic school for youthRestore Troubled Teens has a comprehensive directory of the top Group Home, wilderness therapy camps, therapeutic boarding schools, and residential treatment facilities in Louisiana and all over the United States.

What is a Group Home?

In the past, Group Homes referred to shelters that housed mentally and/ or physically handicapped individuals. This is not the case anymore. Today’s Group Homes provide 24-hour supervision and support, as well as therapy and schooling, for troubled teens that need both a safe and structured environment to work through their issues and problematic behaviors. However, unlike an institution, they maintain a home like environment that requires the teen to perform chores, such as washing dishes and keeping their bedroom clean.

Although the best Group Homes for boys may not be located in Louisiana, it is important to understand that Group Homes accept troubled teens from all parts of the country. Parents often find that it is beneficial to send their teen away from his or her current environment and negative influences. Teens that enter a Group Home away from Louisiana are more likely to have long-term success than those who enter a facility near their residence.

Restore Troubled Teens only represents problems that use established therapeutic interventions, place importance on academic and emotional development, and provide the structure troubled teens need to thrive. We only recommend the top service providers that have a proven history of helping troubled teens begin the path to recovery.

The experienced consultants at Restore Troubled Teens are always available to assist and offer guidance to the parents of struggling teens. Call (866) 452-6321 today!

Girls Group Home for Kids

Restore Troubled Teens - Cheerful teenager feeling satisfied with recovery at program for struggling youthRestore Troubled Teens is a highly comprehensive online directory of qualified and reputable boarding schools that specialize in using the Group Home concept to effectively engage many of the enigmatic issues that young teens face on a regular basis.

There is pragmatic and empirical evidence that reveals that residential treatment centers, and other Group Home concepts, offer effective treatment plans that help troubled teens confront their problems is a manner that will produce efficacious results. According to The Addiction Recovery Guide, Residential Treatment Centers are immensely effective due to their multidisciplinary approach, and their structured environment.

The Advantages of Co-ed Residential Treatment Centers

While there are many residential treatment centers that are designed to serve either girls or boys exclusively, there are some boarding school treatment centers that are co-ed, and while co-ed treatment centers can be a challenge, they do have some advantages that make them worth considering in certain situations.

One of the most prevalent benefits of a co-ed environment is that it better simulates a natural social environment, and it allows for a more balanced interaction as far as the clients are concerned. The diversity in the living environment is also essential to the client’s development of interpersonal skills when it comes to the opposite sex.

The Disadvantages of Co-ed Residential Treatment Centers

When young teens are dealing with issues, such as substance abuse, addiction, depression and more, having the opposite sex around can serve as an immense distraction. For example, a young teen girl who is struggling with promiscuity will be at greater risk of negatively engaging her erroneous behavior.

At Restore Troubled Teens, our consultants are available to help the parents of troubled teens from Louisiana find the treatment program that will be best for their unique situation. Call (866) 452-6321 today!


National Resources for Parents and Teens:

National Council for Behavioral Health: Mental Health First Aid - The Mental Health First Aid Act of 2015 (S. 711/H.R. 1877) has set aside twenty million for the Mental Health First Aid program. This is an 8-hour course that teaches individuals how to help someone who is facing mental health problems or going through a mental health crisis. The training that this course provides is intended to help its students understand, pinpoint, and respond to the signs of substance use disorders and mental illnesses.

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Restore Troubled Teens (RESTORE) represents a consortium of therapeutic schools programs that have the goal to help troubled teens overcome a wide variety of issues from which many of today's adolescents suffer. We work with families of teens who are struggling with emotional, psychological and behavioral problems that require a residential setting to effectively treat these issues. Mood disorders (depression, bipolar, suicidal thoughts), anxiety, sexual addictions, eating disorders, adoption issues, substance abuse and addiction, various learning disabilities, ADD & ADHD, oppositional defiance, attachment disorders, psychosexual disorders, and PTSD are some of the more common issues that are treated by RESTORE recommended schools. Serving families from all 50 States.