RESTORE Program Description | Troubled Teens

Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens

A core belief of RESTORE schools is that troubled teens are “troubled” because they have exchanged many proven successful core values with fantasy-based thinking errors; such as, justifying and minimizing personal choice, blaming others, playing the victim, self-centered/self-absorbed beliefs, and acting entitled.  To reverse this process, the schools we represent teach personal accountability and personal responsibility, the practice of emotional intelligence, and choice theory (our life journey depends upon our choices, good and bad, over a period of time, and we can change direction [get back on track] at any time by making better choices).  It is out of this belief system that an incredibly powerful and effective program can be orchestrated.Happy Families 2

RESTORE, the therapeutic residential treatment center's alternative to boot camps and military boarding schools for troubled teens.

At RESTORE schools and program students are taught to fully assess their gifts/talents, understand their own personality temperaments/styles, understand the personality temperaments/styles of others, and effective communication through emotional intelligence.  An environment is created where all students can feel safe and practice these new skills through leadership opportunities.  The programs we represent have the core belief that all students are uniquely gifted and have powerful potential.  Therefore, students are challenge to use these gifts in safe, proactive, and pro-social ways.

RESTORE schools prepare young men and yound women to be successful in the real world.  They train students to be leaders. They use the principals of Positive Peer Culture (PPC: student led government teaching personal and community responsibility).  The significance of the PPC is that our students are taught to be responsible, not only for their own actions and behaviors, but also the behaviors and actions of their peers.  Through the Positive Peer Culture platform, students learn about their gifts and talents, and we then they are given opportunities to serve one another in ways that contribute to everyone’s overall success.

RESTORE recommended schools and programs are very unique . . . there is no doubt about it.  When considering boarding schools, military schools, wilderness therapy programs, or boot camps for troubled teens, parents find the schools and programs that we recommend to be the perfect answer.  Not a day goes by that we don’t have a parent of a troubled teen contact us and proclaim, “I am desperate, I did not know what I was looking for, but when I found you I thought, ‘You knew exactly what I was looking for, it is perfect!’”  But why? . . . why is RESTORE so popular with parents?  Because we do not see young people as being deficient, or suffering from disorders, or “troubled” at all.  We believe that troubled teens are powerful, they have tremendous potential, yet are emotionally immature, selfish, and are in need of a new opportunity to refocus their talents in appropriate ways. They can be restored!


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