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Young Adult Transitional Living Programs

The best young adult transitional living programs for struggling young people teach valuable life skills; "how to live independently, how to get and keep a job, and how to stay in school and succeed!"  Young adult transition living are programs where young men and women become self-sufficient by learning powerful priniciples of emotional intelligence, discipline, and hard work.  The top young adult programs provide men and women with "life coaching", "therapy", and "real life" assistance.  The goal of these programs is to help young people to develop plans, set goals, and meet objectives on their own, as adults. Young adult programs teach the elements of normal life not always "known" by teenagers venturing into adulthood.

When an 18 year old moves out on their own, starts college in a nearby state, or gets their first major job (with real responsibility) it can be paralyzing.  Some young people can really screw things up. If they are ill-prepared for the adult responsibilities it can cause them to fail... and they become “stuck”, "shutdown", "depressed", and not willing to try again.  Once the young adult has failed, it can be very hard to convince them to give it anohter try.  Moreover, many fail because of substance abuse and general irresponsibility, but the effect of "failing" can cause them to shutdown, become anxious, return home, and then give up.  If you have an adult child living in your home you know what I mean.

Transtional living programs allow students to gradually take responsibility by learning new life skills.  They learn new ways of dealing with life, and learn to manuever through adversity and disappointment. They receive "life coaching", "therapy", and "training". Becoming a responsible adult is not easy, and failure can be devastating. The second time around has to work, and the fear of failing can keep them "living in the basement" playing video games all night and sleeping all day.


Home - Young Adult Transitional Living Programs

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Restore Troubled Teens (RESTORE) represents a consortium of therapeutic schools programs that have the goal to help troubled teens overcome a wide variety of issues from which many of today's adolescents suffer. We work with families of teens who are struggling with emotional, psychological and behavioral problems that require a residential setting to effectively treat these issues. Mood disorders (depression, bipolar, suicidal thoughts), anxiety, sexual addictions, eating disorders, adoption issues, substance abuse and addiction, various learning disabilities, ADD & ADHD, oppositional defiance, attachment disorders, psychosexual disorders, and PTSD are some of the more common issues that are treated by RESTORE recommended schools. Serving families from all 50 States.