When Your Troubled Teens Lie To You


When Your Troubled Teens Lie To YouAny parents of troubled teens at C.A.R.E. knows that angry feeling they get  when they catch their rebellious child in a lie. We have to face the fact that troubled teens will lie to you, and will simply not admit it when caught. Incidents of adolescent teens lying are common even amongst teens. The direct consequence of young person lying is defiance. A child defies and refuses to accept that he or she has been lying. Such occurrences and incidents can cause distress for you and your family.  ;

C.A.R.E. is a culmination of Therapeutic boarding schools that recognizes sometimes teenagers fall into bad company and they choose to teen lying due to peer pressure. Always make time to get to know your teenager's friends and recommend alternatives to their growing influence in the initial stages. Besides, a good moral and ethical environment at home does not allow your adolescent to wander off.

Some adolescents believe if they complain their purity long enough, parents will begin to suspect themselves. If you are certain your kid is lying, it is best to deal with the situation immediately by finding out why your teenager feels compelled to be dishonest, discussing your feelings about the importance of trust and honest communication, and by making clear the consequences your teenager will face if you catch him or her lying in the future. 

Incidents of teenager lying occur when your kid wants to keep something from you. Therefore, develop a casual atmosphere at home. Allow your adolescent sufficient space and be prepared to give enough time to pay attention to their problems or difficulties. An open discussion giving due importance to moral and ethical values can dissuade your teenager from resorting to any lies.

If you catch your adolescent in the act of lying, before confronting try to look in to the cause of their lying. Let them explain why they feel lying be the best solution. At last explain the ill effects and consequences of lying. Do not about any strict punishments, but deal with kid gloves. An open discussion with all pros and cons of the incident can make your struggling teen understand the consequences of his or her action. This will dissuade your troubled teen from lying in future.

Rather than at once start to lecture your teenager about why lying is bad. You can explain to them that lying is unacceptable, but if there is a reason why your child felt compelled to lie, you want to know it so you can possibly eliminate any misunderstandings.



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