Troubled Teens & Positive Peer Culture


Positive Peer Culture is a basic philosophy of C.A.R.E.. Because most troubled teens in America are unable to make positive decisions for themselves they are hopelessly dependent on others.

They want independence but cannot make it on their own. They reject their parent's authority, yet are unable to provide for themselves. Therefore, they bond together with others with the same needs of dependency.

The real problem is that these same troubled teens are truly duped into believing that they can run their own life. This fantasy-based thinking propels the emotionally immature person into rebelling not only against their parents, but also against all things that are in their best interest toward their future.

In addition, they get support from their emotionally immature peers. The ironic thing is that the only way that the subculture can exist is through a strong bond between the members of the culture and the material support of parents. Even if a youth is not directly influenced into rebellion through the music subculture, he or she is still influenced by peers who are.

The truth is that the emotionally immature troubled boys and girls needs to mature. To the parent and child the situation seems impossible, but in reality, the solution is simple. The troubled boys and girls do need help, but not in the form that the parents are supplying.

The emotionally immature troubled teens need to learn to take responsibility for his/her choices, hold him/herself accountable, and to make pro-active and pro-social choices. The bottom line it this... the emotionally immature troubled teens needs to embrace adversity, become mentally and emotionally strong, and to honor his/her potential by learning the power of "CHOICE".

This youth needs to learn what choices he/she has, and to begin to make new choices, from a new prospective, and a new awareness.

True freedom and liberty can only be achieved through adversity, perseverance, and respecting the power of choice. Instead of being self-centered and self-gratifying, the first step toward emotional maturity is to understand and apply the concept of "giving".

By being influenced by Positive Peer Culture the immature troubled boys and girls gradually begins to build trust in the positive system. And through adversity begins to feel the freedom of the ability to be positive and understand that with accountability comes the freedon they are looking for.


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