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Adoption Issues Troubled Teens Texas


C.A.R.E. is a combination of licensed residential treatment centers providing troubled teens living in Texas programs to help with adoption issues. We provide specialized curriculum designed to address the specific challenges faced by adopted children and their families. These programs feature adoption-focused group therapy and programs for processing the stages of grief. Adopted teens can come to terms with their family relationships and personal history within the safety and structure of a compassionate environment while receiving a first-class education. If you have a child who is suffering with the issues associated with adoption, please call 866-492-9215 for more information.

It is important for an adopted child to learn about and deal with their stories. Sometimes a parent was abusive or neglectful or addicted or even died. Sometimes a parent had a mental illness or was in prison. Sometimes adopted children are not able to find out the information because it is not available. Many teens want to know what their birth parents looked like. Many want to know if their birth mother and birth father cared about one another or were they an accident? It is crucial that adoptive parents share this important information with their adopted teens or else they risk having the child find out anyway and feeling angry, betrayed or even worse. By the time a child is an adolescent they should know all of the specifics surrounding their adoption that can be shared.

Boys and Girls need to know their Adoption Story

Children need to know their adoption story. They need to learn that they were not in any way the cause or the reason for their parents giving them up. Some questions that teens wonder: Why did they give me away? Was there something wrong with me? Did they give me away because they did drugs or abused me? What does that say about me? Why couldn't they work things out and taken care of me? This may lead to further issues of feeling rejected and unlovable.

Residential Treatment Centers are designed to provide your child with a therapeutic living environment to help them develop skills to deal with emotional, psychological and behavioral disorders. They offer medication management, therapeutic treatment and appropriate schooling for children with severe mental and emotional issues. On-site psychiatric services are also provided. Each child’s issues are different and issues surrounding adoption are very complex. RTC’s offer hope to families by helping troubled teens heal emotionally and gain a desire to do better.

Your teenager can be helped through therapeutic intervention and the services at C.A.R.E. Please take action now and call our Admissions Specialist at 866-492-9215.

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