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                 Crossroads Lunch


At The Crossroads - A Young Adult Transitional Program


At the Crossroads is a young adult program made for the young person who is having difficulty filtering through the confusing time of being a child and moving on to adulthood. At the Crossroads understands that the Transition from child to adulthood is stressful on a family unit and the longer the process takes the more strain is placed on the family and the child.


Development is a lifelong affair, which does not stop when we reach adulthood. Whatever your current age, imagine yourself ten years from now. Will your life have progressed? Will you have attained any goals? What state will your body be in, and how will you feel about it? Where will you be living? Will your cognitive and occupational skills have improved and broadened, or started to slow down? Do you anticipate changes in your financial status? Will you have gained a partner? How will you adjust to new responsibilities (at work, at home)? Will your leisure activities differ? Will you have had children? Would you expect other people to regard and treat you differently from the ways they do now? 


As an 18 year old these question can be extremely paralyzing. And the longer these questions haunt a young adult the more “stuck” they become.

At the Crossroads allows the student to take responsibility and learn new appropriate ways of dealing with adversity and disappointment.  Through the many activities like Rock climbing, Canyoneering, and Horsemanship the young adult learns to create personal purpose and values. They learn how to lead and the power and responsibility that power holds. Through the adversity of hard work and team play the student learns to problem solve and finds the many thinking errors that have gotten them to this place in life. The student is taught Life Planning and Decision Making. Through adversity the students learn the difference between independent and inter-dependent and the importance of teamwork and trust. At the Crossroads understands that the young adult having trouble transitioning to adulthood, needs to learn how to goal set and take action of these goals.


For more information please call one of our admissions specialists at 866-439-0354. We are here to serve you and your family.




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