Character Development Programs for Troubled Teens at Abundant Life Preparatory

Character development is a very important aspect to the troubled teens at Abundant Life Preparatory.  The true gentleman at Abundant Life Preparatory, is a  young man whose unselfish actions are derived from his pure heart, always willing to make the right choice just because it is "the right thing to do", whose self-control is obvious and purposeful; who is always a "victor" and never a "victim"; who does not bring attention to others' shortcomings or deficits; who is always humble, especially as it pertains to parental authority; whose own possessions or achievements are for everyone to enjoy and profit from; who speaks with authority but always with sincerity and sensitivity; whose deeds is always in alignment with his word; who thinks of the rights and feelings of others above his own; and who appears strong, confident, yet humble because of His faith in Jesus.

At Abundant Life Preparatory we proudly proclaim that Jesus is the only answer!

C – Character: Character is defined by your actions and behaviors when no one is watching you.  Behind the scenes a man of Character behaves exactly the same way he would in front of all others.  A man of Character is a man who is true to his word, having no hypocrisy, always representing 'truth' and 'valor' in all circumstances. A man of Character loves and respects all people, finding the good in every heart, especially in those who are unfair, abusive, or hurtful toward him.

H – Humility: Humility is defined by the posture of your heart (absence of selfishness) when lifting the needs  of others above your own.  Understanding that when you are dealing with a troubled teens deficits or shortcomings, you never fail to acknowledge that you also have your own deficits and shortcomings.  Therefore, Humility is best understood to be empathy and sensitivity for others who struggle with the same human weaknesses we all possess.

A – Authority: Authority is defined by respecting God's ordained system of leadership and relational hierarchy. God has established all authority. God has created within us the drive to have and exercise authority (free will)  in our lives. When we submit fully (with our hearts) to the authority that is over us, we are in agreement with God and act in obedience to His will. When we willingly submit to authority, we soon become an authority in our lives, gaining the very thing we seek. Authority can only be realized through vision and submission to authority.

D – Determination: Determination is defined by the willingness to face and deal with all adversity, especially adversity that may get you off track from fulfilling your vision and life's mission. Determination is keeping your eye on the prize, to work through all circumstances, and knowing that through God's strength all things are possible.  Determination builds character.

Abundant Life Preparatory is a very unique school...

Abundant Life Preparatory is a Christian leadership school for troubled teens who have demonstrated obvious issues regarding emotional maturity (lack of emotional intelligence). It is our job to help our students learn how to "deal with life on life's terms", act their age, and make positive pro-social choices Therefore, Abundant Life Preparatory has set forth certain expectations of appropriate behavior (standards) we expect from our troubled teens. In order to support the emotional growth of our troubled teens we provide them with the clear "standards of appropriate behavior", as well as to explain why they should behave in that certain way (benefits of behaving well).  We teach our students what type of behavior promotes their growth and increases opportunities, as well as the behaviors that undermine their efforts and cause loss and regret. For example, kids who are honest and practice integrity gain trust and are given tremendous opportunities. On the other hand, kids who lie lose trust. Kids who steal lose trust.  The loss of trust is devastating



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