I Don't Know How to Love You: Parenting A Monster 


I Don't Know How to Love You: Parenting A Monster It's hard to hug a porcupine, but that's sometimes what it feels like with my child. I know that love is supposed to unconditional by a parent, but it's also supposed to be a shared feeling combined with care, respect, and reciprocation. My young adult has turned into nothing less than a monster. I feel like a child afraid of the dark, peering from under the sheets expecting find a creature really is hiding under the bed.. We're on egg shells and no one wants to wake the angry giant. We need help because we can't keep living this way. My husband and I feel the tension and my younger children are even fearful. To be honest, I'm scared to leave the younger kids home alone. I don't know what to do, but I know it has to stop. This is like living in a prison in my own home.

C.A.R.E., the Center for Adolescent Recovery & Education, offers programs from four different unique residential treatment centers also known as therapeutic residential centers. We can help you choose which program is best for your son or daughter. 

It Is Time To Stop Living In Fear In My Own Home

There are ways to effectively deal with a troubled teen who is reeking havoc in your home. No family should have to live this way and we have tools to restore order into your home. Your home should be a place of peace and place for everyone to feel safe. Let us help you get back to a better time when your family existed without a monster in the house. If you suspect or know your child has behavioral problems you can't control, please contact C.A.R.E. immediately and speak to a professional. We are experts in helping parents understand these issues. 


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