Low Self-Esteem in Troubled Teens


Low Self-Esteem in Troubled TeensMuch like the notions of intelligence and conscience, self-esteem is an abstract psychological concept used to describe inherent human nature involving perception and ideology.  Through actions and expressions, its existence can be identified and evaluated.  If you are the parent of a troubled teen who is suffering from low self-esteem and need assistance in restoring their happy selves, please contact our kind admissions counselors to learn more about the programs C.A.R.E. Schools have to offer.

Troubled teens have a significantly harder time maintaining good self-esteem, for they are bombarded with notions from media, peer groups, mentors and teachers of what constitutes a 'perfect person', however inadvertently.  On top of that, they put added pressure on themselves to become something unlike their true persona, leading to a compartmentalized personality and cognitive dissonance.  All of this confusion is disheartening and detrimental to their overall health.  Positive self-esteem is integral to success in any form.

Self-esteem can be considered synonymous to identification, so it is helpful for troubled teens to have multiple pillars of self-perception to ensure constancy, such as after school activities, high academic achievement, and a variety of peer groups so that when something causes instability in one area, all is not lost and the adolescent doesn't feel worthless.  Teens who struggle with low self-esteem will be less likely to be negatively impacted by natural ups and downs of everyday life if they have immense opportunities for self-expression and constructive avenues for identity development.  C.A.R.E. Schools offer a variety of programs constructed specifically to the rehabilitation of troubled teens with a vast array of problems.  There are alternative schools, boarding schools, camps, summer programs, residential treatment centers and group homes to name a few.  Licensed clinicians and qualified, caring staff members provide a positive, productive environment for full recovery of any ailment troubled teens are suffering.  Low self-esteem is surmountable; there is hope.


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