Gender Confused Boys and Overcoming Stereotypes


Even though there may be many stereotypes about troubled boys who are having gender confusion issues, Mt. Pleasant Academy is an excellent program to help those troubled boys who are in need of long term therapy. Mt. Pleasant Academy is a program that focuses mainly on sexual compulsion problems and how they affect troubled boys. Mt. Pleasant Academy is staffed by people who truly care about your troubled teens and the issues that they are dealing with. We know that finding the right program for your students can be the hardest part about helping them recover, but Mt. Pleasant Academy is here to help. 


Family Issues in Troubled Teens and Confused Gender Stereotypes


Reaching out for help, but "who do I listen to?"
Angry and afraid, "why me?"
I am concerned that my child will harm me, or someone else
I am a prisoner in my own home
Will this nightmare end?
Can someone help me?
Tried Everything - Frustrated
Scared - Anxious - Worried
Numb - Dumbfounded
I can't bargain with my child any longer


Residential treatment provides many different sorts of options for troubled teens in need of therapy. We want your students to get on track for the long term, so our program offers help for students no matter what kind of problems they have. Education is a major part of what we do here, providing troubled teens the ability to recover their credits and get their grade point averages on track. We want to help your troubled teens graduate, setting them on a path to success. We are here to provide the best sort of support options for your troubled teens and families. 

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