Teenagers Who Believe They Will Grow Out of Their Drug Use

Teenagers Who Believe They Will Grow Out of Their Drug Use


C.A.R.E. is a unit of licensed residential treatment centers that is proud to offer an assortment of critical services for teenagers who believe they will grow out of their drug use. With a reputation for exemplary care, our proven methods for drug addiction treatment is different by design, assisting teenagers in their successful recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders through a structured program of individual counseling, group therapy, substance abuse education, family groups, behavioral therapy and life-skills training. At C.A.R.E., we recognize that no one treatment program works for everyone, therefore, we tailor our program to meet each student’s needs, and provide a serene space where our teenagers can focus on their recovery in a stress-free and comfortable environment. 

One of the worst mistakes a parent can make is believing drug use is a natural part of growing up. Another mistake is to believe some drugs pose no real danger to teenagers. If your adolescent is using any type of drugs, he needs to stop immediately. Teen drug use is not something your child will grow out of by herself. Although many teenagers try drugs and stop using them soon after, any child is at a very high risk of becoming addicted. Now is the time to help him stop, because some teenagers who believe they will grow out of their drug use, never stop using.

Drug Use is Not a Natural Part of Growing Up

Whether your child is abusing alcohol, prescription medications, marijuana, or another drug she believes is safe, she can be putting her life in danger as easily as if she were using a drug that she knows is dangerous. Counseling in a therapeutic setting, such as a residential treatment center, can help teenagers get back on the right path. One important part is helping them realize the way drugs are affecting their attitudes and behaviors. If your child is like many teenagers, learning that he is controlled by drugs can lead him to want to change and recover.

Teenagers who are using drugs need professional help, whether or not they are addicted. Your teen may already be showing signs of how drug addiction can affect his or her life. Even in its earliest stages, it can change their attitudes toward school and work, and their family relationships. If your child is struggling with drug use, we have trained counselors that can help them with their recovery. 

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