Transitioning from Therapy to More Intensive Treatment for Troubled Teens

Transitioning from Therapy to More Intensive Treatment for Troubled Teens


C.A.R.E. is an assortment of licensed residential treatment programs, providing help for troubled teens who are transitioning from therapy to more intensive treatment.  We provide a place for families to get help for their difficult boys and girls.  We offer a structured environment, a loving atmosphere, and therapeutic intervention.  C.A.R.E. values education and sees academic success as a key to long-term life success. We take a very disciplined and structured approach to learning and have been very successful in helping students get back on track with their education, graduate high school, repair credit and prepare for college.  For more information, call 866-492-9215.

Appropriate and timely transitions between therapy and intensive treatment for troubled teens are critical.  From the teen and his/her family’s perspective, the transition from a care provider to a more intensive treatment can be traumatic and challenging.  At times, it can be a devastating event that can lead to terminating therapy altogether because it can be a very stressful occasion.  The goal of C.A.R.E. is to create a transitional experience with integrity and the most support of the student’s needs as possible.

For transitioning from therapy to a residential treatment center, the temporary employees and interns are instructed to approach the subject of terminating the previous therapy during the opening assessment.  Teens may not be fully prepared for the reality of not seeing a particular therapist again.  But, the care of the students is observable in residential facilities because staff is present 24 hours a day, interacting with them continuously.

Residential Treatment Centers Offer 24 Hour Care

When teens do not respond positively to out patient therapy, a more intensive treatment is necessary.  24 hour care programs, such as a residential treatment center or therapeutic boarding school offer teens a structured, supportive environment during the day and night which can help a teen who is struggling in school or otherwise having significant problems in trying to cope on a daily basis with their psychological issues.  They are specifically designed to treat mental health disorders and are staffed to provide constant supervision and therapeutic support. These programs are developed to treat any of the self-defeating issues and disorders plaguing teens by providing services to include education, support, therapy, medication and transition back home.

If you have a child who is transitioning from therapy to intensive treatment, let C.A.R.E. help make your experience as easy as possible.  Call 866-492-9215 to speak with our Admissions Counselor.


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