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Restore Troubled Teens - Disturbed adolescent wrestling with drug addiction at remedial treatment programRestore Troubled Teens is a highly recognized organization made up of family advocates committed to connecting parents of troubled teens from Vicksburg, MS with therapeutic programs most efficacious for their particular situations. For parents who are considering the possibility that a Group Home near Vicksburg, MS might be the best option for helping their child battle issues such as addiction, substance abuse, academic failure, there is help.

Although the most suitable Group Home for a teen may be located outside of Vicksburg, MS, the top Group Homes accept teens from all over the country. It is worth noting that many experts and relative organizations suggest that Group Homes provide the best environment for young teens to engage those enigmatic issues that must be confronted to move forward in life.

While most states have state-funded Group Homes, these homes are poorly staffed and poorly funded, which means that the programs are rarely sufficient to adequately service the needs of the troubled teens that check in. While parents have a tendency to seek residential treatment centers in their geographical area, there is proof that an out of state home may be more effective in treating certain issues.

A privately run residential treatment center will have the resources and the staff available to ensure that the teen will receive the therapy necessary to recover fully, while supporting the teen through every stage of the recovery process. According to Parenting Answers, Group Homes provide a structured and safe environment for troubled teens to successfully engage their issues without disruption or trepidation.

Residential treatment centers also provide complete education programs, allowing young teens to continue their education while receiving their treatment. This offers a sense of accomplishment, which is essential to building their confidence and self-esteem. While the cost of a residential treatment center may be higher than that of a state-funded group home, the benefits associated with the superior service and resources are immeasurable. The cost of residential treatment is a small price to pay for the proven long-term results that are produced.

Restore Troubled Teens - Adolescents experiencing restoration at therapeutic school for troubled youthResidential Group Homes for Teens

Parents often hear of “half-way” homes in connection with helping troubled teens, but these are also often state-funded, like group homes, and will only provide a temporary solution to a very long-term program. Residential treatment programs offer the substance abuse treatment in addition to their other excellent services, such as therapy and education.

Why do residential treatment programs for troubled boys and girls work? The answer is simple. When a group home is staffed with professional clinical people (therapists, psychologists, social workers, substance abuse counselors, Special Ed teachers, etc.) they become the top therapeutic option out of all the best available options.

For immediate help locating the best residential treatment programs call to speak with our Family Advocates. We can help you do the research and selection of the most affordable and ideal option.

Mental Health Group Homes for Children

Residential treatment centers provide help with drug rehabilitation after short or long-term substance abuse, but they also cover a plethora of issues that teens struggle with, such as:

Restore Troubled Teens - Happy teenagers feeling encouraged with transformation at program for struggling youth• Poor Family Relationships
Depression and Anxiety
• Rebellion and Defiance toward authority
• Poor Peer Relations
• Poor School Performance
• Autism or High Functioning Autism
• Asperger's Spectrum Disorder 
• Learning Disorders or Learning Differences
• Substance Abuse or Addictions
• Self-harming Behaviors
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorders
• Eating Disorders
• Sexual Compulsivity
• Digital Addictions


National Mental Health Resources for Parents and Teens:

NATSAP For Parents - As parents themselves, NATSAP realizes that parenthood can be a difficult and stressful time. Their hope is that the information on their website can assist you in getting help for your children. Matching the needs of each child to a particular program or service is one of the most important decisions to make for your child. There is a list of articles given to help you in this time of difficulty, and questions to ask before you make a final selection of placement. NATSAP isn’t a placement or referral agency, but they are a volunteer membership organization that supports professionals and programs in their efforts to assist young, troubled people.

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Home - Group Homes for Teens

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Restore Troubled Teens (RESTORE) represents a consortium of therapeutic schools programs that have the goal to help troubled teens overcome a wide variety of issues from which many of today's adolescents suffer. We work with families of teens who are struggling with emotional, psychological and behavioral problems that require a residential setting to effectively treat these issues. Mood disorders (depression, bipolar, suicidal thoughts), anxiety, sexual addictions, eating disorders, adoption issues, substance abuse and addiction, various learning disabilities, ADD & ADHD, oppositional defiance, attachment disorders, psychosexual disorders, and PTSD are some of the more common issues that are treated by RESTORE recommended schools. Serving families from all 50 States.