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Boot camp teen doing pushupsBoot Camps for Troubled Teens near Nome, AK

Parents looking for boot camps and military schools for their troubled teens believe that such programs will help with their son or daughter’s behavioral problems. But we at Restore Troubled Teens encourage you to ask, “Are teenage boot camps effective?” The answer is no. In our business, we have found over many years, and programs of teens we have helped that boot camps are not only ineffective but actually harmful to teens who are struggling.

When a teen is battling addictions, depression, and does not respect any authority, having an adult insult and yell at them all while pushing them to their emotional and physical limits will only make things worse. These troubled teens need therapy, education, and individual care to help them recognize their own great potential. They cannot move forward in any healthy way and continue to make positive changes in their life if they are humiliated and abused. Boot camps are for young men and women who wish to join the armed services—not for hurting and struggling teens.

At Restore Troubled Teens, we can help you find the right residential treatment program to help both your teen and your family. Give us a call at 866-452-6321.

boot campers being disciplinedTroubled Teens in Nome, AK Benefit from a Residential Treatment Program

Troubled teens are often looked upon as “bad kids,” which simply isn’t true. There are so many things that happen to lead a teen to bad decisions, and why they are continuing them. These issues are what need to be addressed, and good therapy is the way to do that.

Troubled teen programs such as residential treatment centers offer exceptional therapy from some of the best counselors in their field. The teens participate in both individual therapy (to get to the root of their personal problems) and group therapy (to learn compassion and understanding for their peers). Residential treatment centers also provide high-quality academics and around-the-clock care to help make a teen’s transition to more-positive living complete.

Help for Teens With Behavioral Problems

When parents struggle with the behavior problems in teenagers, they often don’t know what the best course of action is. Naturally, they will try to help their children change direction on their own, but when this doesn’t work, it is a frustrating and painful situation. Not only that, but the teen may struggle with more than an emotional behavioral disorder, but learning disabilities and oppositional defiance disorder, and needs treatment for all of them. Most parents are not equipped to deal properly with such things, and this is why help is available.

Troubled teens in recoveryResidential treatment programs work with the teens and their family to make sure they get the best therapy and education so that they can overcome their difficulties and be successful. “Success” is defined by many things: Better grades, less emotional distress, respect for themselves and others, and vital life skills. All of these can be done in a proper residential treatment center.

Are Boot Camps Harmful?

Most television shows promote boot camps or military school as an ideal way to make a teen “toe the line,” so to speak. The problem with this is that teenagers are not only smart—and will merely do whatever it takes to get through the short-term program and make everyone think they’ve changed—but they will become even more hurt and angry when their problems are merely dismissed or even punished.

Restore Troubled Teens has many experienced family advocates that work with us, who know the right programs and alternative schools for troubled teens. These programs work to not only help your child stay out of danger, but also to assist them in making positive changes for their life.

Call us today at 866-452-6321 to let us help you find the right program.

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Home - Troubled Teen Boot Camps

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