Creating a Safe Atmosphere for Teen Therapy

Creating a Safe Atmosphere for Teen Therapy 


C.A.R.E. is a unit of licensed residential treatment centers that offers programs to troubled teens. We specialize in creating a safe atmosphere for teen therapy by helping boys and girls reach their full potential. A customized academic and therapeutic treatment plan is developed to address their specific needs. Our individualized approach is a primary reason our students make long-lasting changes in attitudes and behaviors. We focus on instilling self-worth in teens, a strong character, dreams and desire for a positive future, and the life skills necessary to become happy, healthy, successful adults. 

In therapy, teens make themselves deeply vulnerable to another human being, and allow many disturbing feelings and thoughts to be expressed. This is absolutely necessary to their healing. But in order to do it, teens need to have a strong feeling of trust in the therapy and counselor, they need to feel safe.

Environment Has a Profound Effect on Feelings

In all psychotherapy there must exist a safe therapeutic atmosphere. In RTC’s or boarding schools the whole staff must work in effort to create this atmosphere, in order to help troubled teens. Most of us know intuitively, that the environment, has a profound effect on feelings, behaviours, general health, and productivity. So how can we create a safe atmosphere for teen therapy? How do we establish and maintain surroundings that foster personal balance and harmony, strengthen and promote wellness, value the dignity of each human being, and satisfies the needs of the teens receiving therapy?

The process of creating a safe atmosphere in which therapy can take place is a very important aspect of therapy. A safe atmosphere includes the physical surroundings, the emotional environment, the psychotherapeutic structure, and the relationship between the student and therapist. A safe atmosphere is an environment in which every detail reflects structure, containment, safety, and support. Therapists believe that a safe atmosphere is a vital element of the therapy.


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